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Meet Calypso!

Calypso is a beautiful Pitbull mix girl in search of her FURever home.

This pretty girl is 2 years old. And has been in the rescue since she was 4 months old. We can not understand how someone can look into those beautiful eyes and tell her no.

She absolutely LOVES children of all ages.

She is extremely playful and would do best with a fenced in yard where she could run around and play fetch (her favorite game!).

We call her our Broken Girl since she has a narrowed ear canal that sometimes throws her off balance but this does not slow her down in any way.

Calypso gets along well with most dogs but prefers to play with dogs around her own size since she plays rough.

If you're looking for a playful lovebug Calypso is the dog for you!



Welcome to Dog Saver

Rescue, Adopt, Educate, Donate and Inspire


Dog Saver is a no-kill and a 501c3 non-profit all dog breed rescue and adoption organization founded in Washington, Missouri. Organized in 2010 we are a 100% volunteer group and with the help of local veterinarians, foster homes, donations, and volunteers we are able to save hundreds of dogs from euthanasia every year.


All of our dogs are Spayed/Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated, De-wormed, and HW/FIV tested and Prevention Given prior to adoption. Adoption fees cover these vetting expenses. Puppies receive 3 Distemper/Parvo shots and other vetting once they reach 6 months old.


2022 Trivia Night


Doggone Funny

What do you get when you cross a sheepdog with a rose?


A collie-flower!

A thank you to our veterinarians

We work with amazing veterinarians and their staff. We would not be able to do what we do without their dedication and hard work.

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Save a dog's life, euthanize irresponsible


Wish List


For the dogs

Dry dogfood

Martingale collars






Puppy pens

Dog beds


Stainless steel bowls/buckets

Brushes & other grooming tools


Animal care supplies

Laundry detergent


Multi-Purpose cleaner

Lysol or other air sanitizer


Garbage bags


Hand sanitizer




All donations are greatly appreciated by our dogs and us. Thank you!


By Karen Cernich, Feature Writer


Cindy Faltemier, Washington, hasn’t met a dog in need that she didn’t think was worth rescuing. She has taken in dogs that many people thought were too old and others that people thought were too sick to bother with saving.


She finds homes for them all, or keeps them until she can.


Five years ago Faltemier set up Dog Saver, a no-kill dog shelter on the 8 acre property she and her husband, Doug, own off Highway AJ. But Faltemier admits she has been rescuing dogs for many more years than that.


The first were neighbor dogs that showed up at her door often hungry, but occasionally hurt. One that she calls Brown Dog started coming around in 2002.


“He would come over, hang out, eat and leave, go back home,” said Faltemier.




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We hold adoption events most weekends at various pet stores in St. Charles and Wentzville.

For more information and to find out where we will be feel free to Contact us.   We will have plenty of our furry, four legged friends at the event for you to meet and greet.  You may just meet your forever friend!  

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