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Dog Saver could not save lives without foster parents. Because we have loving foster parents willing to provide temporary housing, we are able to rescue homeless animal just in the knick of time. We pull animals from the shelters just hours or, even minutes, before they are scheduled to be euthanized. We must act fast and have people willing to take them in without ever meeting them. Dog Saver's temper test most animals before pulling unless that animal is suffering in the shelter with an aliment or injury the shelter is unable to treat.

Fostering usually takes anywhere from 3 wks to 3 months depending on them needing time to recover from an injury or illness. Fostering is the most rewarding experience but also has its difficulties. Dog saver is available to you 24 hrs a day for assistance with any bump in the road you may experience along the way. You will never feel alone in your new experience as a foster parent. Contact us today and save the life of a dog.

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